Cannot Find system.speech (namespace) in Import

So I cannot find system.speech in the import section and as a result cant find system.speech.synthesis.speechsynthesizer

is there way to download it or any other to import it ?

Vicky Das

Check this if you find any required information here -

Hello @KarthikByggari
Thanks for your concern but i still havent found any solution yet
But i must say one thing when ever i download vvaidya’s workflow i see that option is available and i can change the it to system.speech datatypes but cannot when i create a new process

Try to add the following values manually into your xaml and try -

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Hello @KarthikByggari
When i add the all red boxes and open the xaml file its gives me an error stating “The document is invalid”
But when i add just the assembly reference it works Thanks for your solution @KarthikByggari

I want to ask a question why do we have to make these changes manually ?

Vicky Das

When you create a project, UIPath adds the default assembly references.
If we want more assemblies we have to add it to the xaml assembly list.
I am not sure why it is not working thru GUI.

yes @KarthikByggari you are absolutely right but manually adding assembly references isnt the right way to do it thats what i am saying
Is there any other way to add assembly references or i have to do it manually everytime i want to work on projects like this ?

As of now, no. But it will be improved in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you @loginerror for answering my query :slight_smile:

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