The type of the variable you want to use cannot be found

I want to use the following variable types in UiPath Studio, but I can’t find them by searching for “type references”


I am writing directly to the Xaml file every time so that I can use it.
How do I always use it?

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Can you check if adding System.Speech.Synthesis to the imports will help

maybe the dll has to registered with e.g At the command prompt, enter: REGSVR32 “PATH TO THE DLL FILE”


Thank you for your reply.
System.Speech.Synthesis does not appear in the import.

Open the NuGet explorer and create new library and add the DLL by choosing the add existing option.
Click to write and change the title of the package
Save the file with the desired title and copy the file(.nupckg extension) to the path C:\Users>\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.4.0\Packages
Open UiPath and search for the name.
Then, click install. Now, you can execute the code giving the inputs.