Package Version not found in any feed

I am using Uipath.Automation.Activities 20.10.6 in my project. I shared the same project with another developer , however he was having problem with dependencies.
We cannot find Uipath.Automation.Activities 20.10.6 in his manage package tool. In Settings tab of Manage Package, we both have same values.

In my Manage package also i can see Uipath says that
“Package Version not found in any feed”

Is there any way i can share the downloaded package with him. Where are project specific nuget package saved?
The below path contains different version : Program files(x86)/Uipath/Studio/Packages

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Add the official source by going to Settings in the Manage Packages window.

Url to use as source:

If you want the package downloaded, you can get it form the URL below.

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ensure following: