Cannot find 'next 20' button

I have attached my xml and screenshot of error I am getting.

I want to click on the ‘next 20’ button until I find ‘10k’ … and I manually checked it and it normally appears on the 3rd or 4th page, but not sure why it won’t find the ‘Next 20’ button and go to the next page.

Thanks in advance!Capture4MainTaskThree.xaml (40.4 KB)

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Is the selector a stable one? Is that idx number always the same every time you refresh the page? Can you check it in Uipath Explorer.

Hi Sharks14,

As Cotly as said the selector may not always be the same when you refresh the page. this is quite common with web applications.


You may want to use an element exists before the click activity to confirm that your element exists first of all.

Element exists outputs a boolean value that you can then use for exception handling.

Thank you! That worked!!

Hi Sharks14,

I’m trying to do something similar but I’m a bit stuck. Would you be able to share your work and how you were able to solve it?

Thanks in advance!