Cannot find computer vision activities after it's installed

I have installed computer vision package, but I cannot find in activities, what should I do?


First uninstall UIAutomation activities and then install it.


pls find the below link:

I have checked the process of installing computer vision, I have tried several times with the step as it says, but still I can’t find related activities, I have provide several snapshots as below, can you help to check where the problem is?

And also check include Prerelease and see

which version of UIPath are using ?

after click preference and click save, still does not work.

version information is as below

First uninstall UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and then try to install Uipath.ComputerVision.Activities

I cannot found this activities via search bar,

Is this one the one I should install?

check include prerelease also

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it works, thank you very much!

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