Cannot extract Robot Execution logs via API /odata/RobotLogs


could you please kindly help to export Robot Execution logs with API?

I can see the logs in the Orchestrator UI as shown below

But when I am trying to query it via the API
GET {{cloudUrl}}/{{cloudOrg}}/{{cloudTenant}}/odata/RobotLogs, I get the following response {"@odata.context":"$metadata#RobotLogs","@odata.count":0,"value":[]}. I use the modern structure folder (in case it matters).

Your bearer access_token should have this scope OR.Monitoring or OR.Monitoring.Read.

GET URL should be this one:

In Headers you need to specify these:

X-UiPath-OrganizationUnitId: YOUR_ROBOT_FOLDER_ID
Accept: application/json