Orchestrator API Logs


I am using the Orchestrator HTTP Request to get the robot logs. The business requirement is that all the logs for a robot should be attached as a file to a status mail.

Endpoint: “/odata/RobotLogs?$filter=TimeStamp gt 2021-06-29T15:00:19.000Z and RobotName eq ‘*******’”

But not all logs are returned. Only logs older then ~2 h are returned.

Is there a property in the configuration or how can I get all the logs?

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Remove time stamp from filter if you need all the logs

Hi nameless,

thank you for your response. If I remove the timestamp, then I will get the logs before the timestamp. I need all the logs between the timestamp and now. There is a gap ~ 2 hours. These logs are not returned.

Can you check the timezones, in orchestrator vs what you’re using?