How to access Logs Data using the Cloud API

I would like to access the log messages on the cloud orchestrator using the cloud API, I have been following the Consuming Cloud API documentation to build my initial queries and generate access tokens.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find an example that shows how to access the log OData, or a specific request that would return said data.

Could someone advise on how I can access this, thanks.

Refer this β†’ UiPath Connector Guide

According to this you can only creat logs but can’t access log data.

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Thanks Karuna, this will be very helpful.

Seems a bit strange that you can’t access that data but can post to it, but I will use this resource to try an alternative way to retrieve the data I need.

have you tried this ? β†’ β†’ Refer this section β€”> Retrieving Robot Logs According to the Robot Name

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