Cannot connect robot to orchestrator

I am trying to connect my robot to the orchestrator by using the UiRobot Settings popup. However, despite having admin rights on my local machine, I get the following popup error:

Administrator rights are needed


Which rights am I missing here? How do I resolve this issue?

Note: I am working on a client PC in a secure network, with the enterprise edition.

Did you try to run UiRobot as Administrator?

Thank you for the suggestion. I did try that, but it didn’t resolve the problem.

Did you read this topic?

Might it be caused by UAC control?
Launch CMD “as administrator” and then connect robot from command line:



Have you got the solution for this issue.

Kindly suggest us if it got resolved, We are also facing the same issue.

Thank you

Hi, Is this issue fixed ? Please advice.

Check this out if the same pop up you get.

This was caused due to insufficient rights I had on the machine. It wasn’t a problem from UiPath’s side.

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