Admin rights needed when connecting robot to orchestrator

Installer(.exe or .msi): msi

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Enterprise

Studio/Robot version: 2019.4.2

Current behavior: Message box with ‘administrator rights needed’ pops up when I am trying to connect robot to Orchestrator. However I am an administrator.

Screenshot: Uipath%20snip%201

Any help is welcome and much appreciated.

Do you by any chance have both MSI (enterprise) and exe (community) installed?

You can check by going to windows’s add remove programs and see how many instances of UiPath appear there :


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I only have one instance: MSIuipath%20snip%203

Can you please enable low level tracing (open up a cmd, go to install folder and run “UiRobot.exe --enableLowLevel”) and see what UiPath errors are logged in event viewer > Windows Logs > Application ?
Then maybe send them to me so we can debug them.

What type of administrator are you using, local or domain one?


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Hi Andrei,

Thanks for your help.

I’ve run both studio and robot as an administrator and I followed your instructions and this is what came up in the windows logs.

Anything else? I see there are other errors at the same time 9:03:58, or is it the same ?

Can you also try through the same command line (run it as administrator)?

UiRobot.exe --connect -url (add url here) -key (add key here)

Also, what type of administrator is this ? local or domain ?