Cannot automate remote app:...pop-up error when setting selector

I searched the forums, and someone else had the same issue, except the solution referred to when one version is higher than another. In this case, the version on the remote is coming up “” (blank)

This is when I’m trying to indicate a checkbox selection in a mstsc.exe (RDP) window. The extensions and remote exe should be installed (though I’m not sure how to tell)

Any help getting this resolved would be appreciated.
Using 2019.4.2 Enterprise Edition

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If no one can think of a solution, can anyone think of a better forum to post this question?

Sorry for the delayed response
Did this work for you

Cheers @sagacity

Kindly make sure citrix plugin is done with the machine

Cheers @sagacity

That was the post I referenced, that it referred downgrading version, but in my instance, there is no version listed - its blank.

Out of curiosity, why the Citrix plugin? We don’t use any Citrix services here, or is that something generic for UI Path?

If I’m not using Citrix, and I installed the Windows Remote plugin and I’m running the UIPathRemoteRuntime.exe,so I need the Citrix Plugin? How do I know if the windows remote plugin is installed? Does it need to be installed on the remote the bot is connecting to or just from?

Hi @sagacity,
If you are doing automation on RDP machine you don’t need citrix plugin. You need to have installed Windows Remote Desktop Extension on computer where you are using Studio:

And Remote Runtime on computer to which you are connecting via RDP:

The error you have probably means that on remote machine you don’t have runtime installed or it’s version is not compatible with version of extension you have in studio.

If you are using Community Edition please just update Studio to newest 19.7 version, then install RDP Extension and download the fresh Runtime package and install it on remote machine. This should work.

@Pablito - I have already installed these, as prior activities (screen recording of the mstsc.exe client) require it and I can see the remote run-time is running.

I am running Enterprise 2019.4.2. I only mentioned Citrix because @Palaniyappan mentioned it. Otherwise, I seem to have everything set up properly, yet I get that error popup.

Let me know any thoughts. Best regards.

If you are using 19.4.2 version of Studio then probably Runtime you have downloaded is newer and can’t work with this version of Studio (not 100% sure). In that case please contact with Technical Support. They could help you and eventually provide Runtime version compatible with your Studio.

The run-time came with studio. Checking its version, its 19.4. Note that in the error pop-up, there is no target version listed - its just “”