Cannot access to Folder in orchestrator

I’ve installed the Orchestrator 19.10.4 Enterprise (licensed) on premises.
But I do have a strange issue. the folders are not accessible.
I’ve create two main folders granting my account admin access. but have a look a the SC below.
Also, each time I log on, I’ve the error message: “An error has occured”


Kindly check once with the access provided for specific user to get into that folder
And restart your machine once as try
If still not working and throwing error
Kindly check with technical support team as it is a enterprise

Cheers @vmariejeanne

Access is granted.
but still nothing.

Tech support has been contacted.

Are we still facing the same issue buddy

Hi, just wondering if you did get a resolution to this @vmariejeanne as I’m currently facing the same issue after moving to 2020.4

After adding the user, you need to also grant him/her access to the specific folder:


Hi, have done that, but still shows an not having access to the folder:

Have opened a ticket with Tech Support

Hi @nschmid,

Have you resolved this issue, we are currently having this issue with our orchestrator.

Best regards


Hi, we did resolve this issue. It turned to be a SQL database permissions issue. I would start there and ensure your UiPath DB account has the correct permissions as per this page: Prerequisites for Installation (

Specifically, these settings: