Cannot access the indicated browser window in anti-detect browser

I’m trying to use UIpath with anti-detect browser chrome profile, But i’m getting an error message “cannot access the indicated browser window” while try to execute a simple click activity.
Enabled extension in private mode.

Hey! Welcome to community…

Are we trying to achieve this in incognito mode?

If yes, follow the below steps: (Manual)

  1. Open chrome browser
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Navigate to manage extensions
  4. You can see the UiPath extension…
  5. Click on the UiPath extension
  6. We can see the run in private or in incognito mode disabled in our pc
  7. Enable the private mode

In Studio:

  1. Use kill process
    Process is -Chrome-properties-apply to all

Now try to run the process

This will works fine


Hello @Akio_Uchida

"Anti-detect” as the name suggests is the prevention of getting identified. They let you use proxies, VPNs, and user agents and help your IP address remain anonymous no matter what website you are visiting.

This might cause the issue for the UiPath to identify the elements in the web page. Try with the normal browser and see if you still persists the same issue