Cannot access a dropdown list to select the elements

Good afternoon
We have multiple applications that we are unable to get the values of the dropdown list. We have tried cv recorder, cv screen scope, cv type into, cv dropdown select, set focus, and everthing else we could find on the web but to no avail. It seems that the uielement/recorder and all just sees the locations below the dropdown but not the dropdown values itself. How can we access these values please as we have a few applications that we need to automate . Thanks


Have you tried with find children activity

hi yes we have but no joy

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Hi @yolandi.maas

Try for each Ui element activity. It is modern activity you have to use inside Use application/browser activity.

Hope it helps!!

Hi Mahesh, thanks for your reply. We have to use the CV functionality as we are connecting via an app to a VM to another app and then only we can access our app. We are in modern activity. using application/browser does not pick up our app

Okay @yolandi.maas

Then there is only chance to use cv activities.