Cancel "in progress" transaction (or set as "New")

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I don’t agree with the solution mentioned in that topic, because it won’t work for uniquely managed transactions that simply need to be either finished or cancelled; you can’t just add the same transaction again without getting a “Duplicate Reference” httperror, and the transaction won’t be picked up since the status is not “New”.

During development/debug, my transactions are stuck on “in progress” after stopping the debug run, and I can’t do anything with them. As a workaround, I currently just recreate the entire queue.

Can’t we just “reset” transaction(s) from within Orchestrator?


Hi @VvK

In orchestrator we can delete the transaction instead of reset and again try to add items in queue again


Thanks for the quick reply @AshwinS2
Can you please explain? Because those options are greyed out for me:

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Did you find a solution for this?


Hi @talsha, welcome aboard!

Well, yes and no; if we mess up in our process and leave a transaction as “in progress” after terminating the process, I don’t know of a proper way to reset the transaction without recreating the queue. Not sure if this is still the case with the latest version.

That said, we shouldn’t leave a transaction hanging from our process and always need to use a proper Try Catch to manage the transaction properly from the process (e.g. Robotic Enterprise Framework).

What I did during my development when debugging, is always let the process set the Transaction to Error after an exception, instead of stopping the runtime there and then (leaving the transaction in progress).

Hope this helps!

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