Can you please delete my account wih UI path


I am unable to activiate trial license. when i try to activate through orchestrator it says, validation failed contact support.
when i try through studio it says "Cannot change license type when connectedd to orchestrator’

Can you delete my account from UI path. so that i can install from beginning.

user id:

Hi @s.srinivasan

If you have any technical issues with your UiPath account. Kindly raise a query to the UiPath Technical team. They will give you the support to sort out this things.
Check the below web link to reach the Technical support team.

Hope it helps!!


You can go to admin page and from there you can delete you organisation completely

Please try the same


Hi @s.srinivasan

Open Orchestrator


Hi @s.srinivasan ,

Could you maybe provide more details of what license is it ? Is it a Separate License received from UiPath Sales Team ? Or is it the Pro Trial License from the Community cloud ?

For the Pro-Trial license, you would require to provide an organization email address. If you are part of an organization, you could provide it there and check.