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Hi All,

I need to deactivate the orchestrator license.
Problem: UiPath orchestrator is already uninstalled and the database is uninstalled too, and I forgot to deactivate the license before the uninstallation process.
Post-re-installation, when tried to activate the same license again, it shows the following exception: Activation failed! There are no more allowed activations on this license code.

HI @Lakshay_Verma

Check these and try


This is for studio, I am talking about orchestrator

Awww Sorry for that :sweat_smile:

Then i think you need to contact support team to deactivate license


Did that already

Okay Great @Lakshay_Verma

Did you get any response from them?

Nope, Not yet

For Sure they will respond you quickly

Also Im looping @Forum_Staff to look on this they will also help you.


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@Vibhor.Shrivastava Can you please see to it Case # 01484178

The issue got resolvedd post help from UiPath Support.

The device ID was released from the license key post support.

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