Are there preconfigured "machines", which can run processes on UiPath Cloud?

I have created a simple process in Studio and published that. Now i can start that process from the orchestrator. But the only machine i have listed now is my own laptop… so the job runs on my own PC.
Is it also possible running this job on cloud somewhere, and not on my PC? I have a Community account, so i can only run the processes in development mode until now.
PS: The process is a background process, and runs on own. It just uses a webdriver/headless browser chrome and make some clicks and send smtp email, does not rely on any local machine specific thing (i.e. attribute)


Currently this pre configured cloud machines option is not available

So you need a VM where you can get one from Azure / AWS / GCP

Once you provision your VM with required software then you can link that to your orchestrator and assign correct license and run your process

Hope this may help you


ok thank you Srini84… i assume i cannot do that with the community license at all? at least for development purposes?


As of now you have to get a VM / another PC linked to orchestrator then only you can able to do, else UiPath is not providing any kind of dispose VM’s to test your development

Hope this may be help you


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