Suppose a cloud is created of a particular ui path.....When i publish a process there it would be published to orchestrator but would run only on my particular laptop

Is there any possibly for the other logged in person in the cloud to run my process shown in orchestrator??
Does this issue solve by adding a serverless robot and clould machine???

No, when you publish a process to an orchestrator, it becomes available to run on any robot connected to that orchestrator, not just your laptop. The orchestrator acts as a central control system for managing and executing automated processes across multiple robots. If you only want the process to run on your laptop, you can create and run it locally on your machine without using an orchestrator.


So any person having the run access on the given orchestrator will be able to run the process…but to run again they need a machine with license…

So if any other person who has necessary access to orchestrator and a robot configured on his system can run the bot on his system

hope this helps


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