Can we create multiple robots with same Machine Name and Machine ID in 2020.10? As such, my organisation created different robots with same machine and machine id in 2018 Version

We are migrating from 2018.4.5 Version to 2020.10.6 Version. Can someone please advice if we can create Multiple Robots with Same Machine Name and Machine ID in the Classic Folder of 2020.10 Version


We are also doing migration activity. Yes you can create multiple robots with same machine name and machine ID. Can you give some more details?

Yes with Classic Folders you can

  • In Tenant, Register Standard Machine Template and assign 1 or more concurrent runtime licenses
  • In Classic Folder Create Standard Robot selecting desired Machine. The Robot name must be unique and if I recall correctly so long as the Machine / User combination is unique (We have 2 machines for a Side-A / Side-B setup and each side leverage the same credential pair for redundancy.

If you intend to run this Robots/Jobs simultaneously on a single machine you’ll also need to configure the host with RDS (Remote Desktop Services), otherwise you’ll be limited to 2 RDP Sessions. (I’m assuming your are using Windows Server and not a consumer edition of windows)