Can the same robot be defined in multiple folders in orchestrator

I have 2 Folders “HR” and “Finance”
I have 2 users (one in HR and other one in Finance folder) for running processes defined in each folder.
I have only one robot machine to run all the processes for both departments.
Is it possible to define the same robot in both folders.?

Hi @MariaJosephina


I guess that would be depended on the licenses that you have.

Hi @adiijaiin How can I check that?

Hi @MariaJosephina

You can check it from here,

Go to Tenant and check under License.

in the license, it is shown as :

How can I understand from here?

May be if you try to create a Machine Template rather than a standard machine: may be you’d be able to use the same robot in different folder:

More information available on :


Yes you can define the same robot in multiple folders. No need for separate licensing

Could you please help me understand how to configure the same robot in multiple folder, as I am unable to do that.

Go to Respective Folder from the left pannel of your orchestrator where all your folders are listed > Settings Tab > Machines Tab > Click on Manage Machines in Folder and add that machine.

I not able to find Machine in folder level settings. @Dilip_Wakdikar_1996

I guess you created a classic folder, which are going to be deprecated, request you to please create modern folder

OK its classic folder, I will create another modern folder and will try.