Can one user have multiple robots in Orchestrator?

I have one user ID and two machines. I want to use the same user ID to execute bots in these two machines.

Can this be done? Also, it is possible that these processes running in these two different machines are running at the same time. How can this be achieved?

Hello @MaxDys ,

While connecteing with the Orchestrator a machine key will get generate. So it will be different if you create 2 machines in the Orchestrator. So during the execution eventhough if you use the same ID, it ll get execute in different machine based on the machine key you added.

So we will have 2 robots with same id connected to different machines?

yes…it will get connected to 2 different machines.

Thank you, Rahul :slight_smile: I will try it and respond

Hi Rahul,

Would you know if I would need 2 unattended licenses for this scenario, and what does concurrent runtime mean.

I have windows server machine.

Hi maxdys,

concurrent runtime per machine template indicates the maximum number of foreground jobs that can be launched concurrently on each machine connected to the machine template.

Example: concurrent runtime = 2
Machine 1: max 2 concurrent foreground jobs
Machine 2: max 2 concurrent foreground jobs

You can have one user and two machines connected to the same machine template. In order for robots to run at the same time on two different machines you need to have two licenses available.

Remember to unflag “Disable concurrent execution” from the user details.

Hope it helps