Can we copy build of one process from orchestrator and add in another orchestrator?

Hi all,

I’ve a process let suppose “X”, deployed to orchestrator. Everything is working fine. Now the problem is, I want to deploy same process with latest build to another orchestrator using my first orchestrator.

is it possible? or any way around. thanks

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Hey @zain.abideen

Whats is the real thing you are looking here?

It can be done manually of course… But what are you looking for could you please explain ?


Hey @zain.abideen ! You can download your source Orchestrator package and manually upload it to your target Orchestrator.

Hope it helps!


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. In first orchestrator go to Tenant tab and click on packages

  2. There search for your process and click on three dots at the right side of the package name

  3. Click on view process and click on three dots to the version you want and click in download package

  4. Now go to your new second orchestrator and click on Tenant tab and click on package tab on it

  5. Then finally click on upload straps button and browse for the recently downloaded package nuget file and click on upload

  6. Finally go to default tab and click on
    Automation tab and click on process tab
    Create a new process if it’s a new process to that orchestrator
    If not then search for your existing process and click on three and view process and click upgrade

Cheers @zain.abideen

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