Can we bring Virtual Machines up when Physical Machine is up?

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  1. i have one scenario i have 1 physical Machine and 5 virtual machines on that physical machine
  2. if physical machine goes down, obviously vms goes down
  3. once physical machine is up and running fine
  4. then i have to manually bring all 5 vms up every time
    is it possible to automate this to bring vms up without human intervention
    suggestions will be highly appreciated if we have steps tp perform this
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    Govardhan Reddy

Hello @itsmegovardhan ,

What are you using for virtualization? VmWare or HyperV?
As far as I remember, both of them have some options to bring the machines up automatically.

If you’re using something else, maybe scheduled jobs via Windows Scheduler are a good idea.

I hope it helps.


Thanks for quick reply and We are using VMWare Vasile

Is not this what you want? Not really related to UiPath…

Or I misunderstood the question…

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Absolutely not exactly related to UIPath but we may also train the bot, but not as of now thanks for suggestions vasile

UiPath has already this package created:

You should probably post this in a VM forum.

Thank You all no action required found alternate solution thanks again

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