Virtual or Physical desktop for small size RPA team


We would like to seek your inputs on how to start up on setting up our robots for UiPath.
We have recently purchased licenses (5-10) robots and would like to seek your opinion for best practices on what to select for physical desktops/laptops or to use virtual machines for our robots.

A suggestion mentioned to us was to start with physical desktops/laptops and go to virtual machines once our robot size increase. If so, what number should we start looking into virtual machines?

Many thanks!


Hi Richmond,

It really depends on your ressources. I mean, what if you have a call center with a lot of physical desktops? UiPath is supported on both physical and virtual machines.

You can do this if you have no virtual machines at this time. Virtual machines are usually preferred because you can have them on all the time and they require less ressources(like power, memory etc.).

What do you mean by this? How many virtual machines? As many as you need. You should just follow the requirements in the user guides: