Human Path to Robot Path to get the Automation started?

Hi I have been trying to put together the Human path which I understand is the overview high level then to the Robot Path which is more step by step but I am stuck. I have created a list and need to put in Robot path.
PowerBI graphs -copy values from graph into table in Powerpoint slide

Copy certain values into Pie chart as well of same slide.

Go to Percentage Calculator to add percentages in table.

Slide 2 pull data from excel via web link to sharepoint and copy values into Powerpoint slide/table.

Slide 3 Copy data from PowerBI link to populate in table

Side 4 and 5 PowerBI graph copy daily data into appropriate fields on table

Add 2 cells data to provide sum in total cell.

Slide 6 Copy data from a portion of excel spreadsheet and populate in Powerpoint slide table.

I would need it to gather the current week data from a graph in PowerBI to copy the values over.
I found info on PowerBI but not sure if that will work for my company Can we automate Power BI or Tableau using UiPath? - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum Any ideas on how to get the robot automation list together to start.

We generally have the customer/department show us exactly how they do it, and record/screenshot the explicit individual steps down to the click.

Did u try doing this with Assisted Task mining which will help you build the human path and a robot path which in turn gives you a skeleton bot workflow as well which u can tweak further

Cheers @Mike377

Unfortunately my company is only doing the Citizen developer path. In taking that path I have come across a process I would like to implement into my project but having trouble getting it into UiPath Studio X robot automation format so that I can start to build the process to test it to see if this will work for my project and team.