Can we add Scroll (Up\Down) element under Activities area

Hi All,

I was trying to scroll down in PDF however I was not able to, there is a process which I am trying to automate which requires me to scroll down the PDF to the bottom and copy the numbers.

If we do have any other alternative kindly suggest.

PS: I am a new user going through the modules and still learning.Also if you could please suggest the best and the quickest way to learn this tool would be great.

Thank you
Archana Gaur

Send a hotkey and use pgdown ! :smiley:

Hi @rachrahul2

Thank you, its working however getting stuck in the middle of the PDF.
Will try again.

Thanks again for your quick response…:slight_smile:

Archana Gaur


please try send hot key for Ctrl + End

that will take you to the bottom end. Please let me know if that works.


Thank you, Rajesh

I will check and let you know.