How to scroll down the pdf page


I need to extract data’s from pdf file…i can extract data from both top of the page and bottom of the page but my problem is while running automation i was manually scrolling down the page to extract data from the bottom of the page…

Is there any method to automatically scroll down the page and extract data from bottom of the page…

You can extract the complete text content of PDF using Read PDF Text activity ,may i know which activity you are using to extract data from PDF file and the type of data you’re extracting.

i am using google ocr and microsoft ocr to extract data from pdf

Can you share your XAML file and input pdf file.


As @ranjith suggested best solution is to use ‘Read PDF’ activity which gives you string output.

In your case try pgdn, pgup options in ‘send hotkey’ activity.


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Hi Vicky,

Thanks vicky for your valuable solution…i got it…

Hi Ranjith ,

Thanks for your reply…i got solution for it

@venkatesan Share the solution,it might be useful for the others too.

hey @venkatesan
will u please help me out how you solved this problem , because i am also scraping the data using ocr but i cannot scroll down so that required data could be scraped.

Iam facing the same problem… Do you have any solution for this?

Try using “Send HotKeys” and sending a PgDn or PgUp key depending on what direction you want to go.