Can unattended robot work with On-Premise Orchestrator without network

I have to setting an unattended robot and an On-Premise Orchestrator, but both of them can not connect to internet. This robot has to access, read and write very sensitive data, so no one want it can connect to internet too. (Of course unattended robot installed machine and On-Premise Orchestrator can connect to each other).

But in this documents(Data Flow between UiPath Apps and Orchestrator), it show that unattended robot and On-Premise Orchestrator still need to connect each other via UiPath Server.
Looking at the diagram, my conclusion is “if unattended robot and On-Premise Orchestrator can’t connect to UiPath Server, it doesn’t work”.
Is my conclusion correct ?
Can I use unattended robot with only On-Premise Orchestrator, without internect connecting


What you are referring to is ahybrid mode which uses on prem orchestrator and apps from cloud…

With automayion suites rollout…we have support for apps on prem as well…witht hat you would need communication with orchestrator and the studio only



Yes, we can active license of orchestrator offline. This means if we can use on-prmise orchestartor and unattended robot in isolated network from the internet.


Hi @Anil_G @Yoichi
Did I need addtional licenses to use Automation Suite?
May be “UiPath - Flex - Automation Developer - Named User” and “UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot” licenses is enough for using unattended robot with only On-Premise Orchestrator ?

I have another question: If I buy a “UiPath - Flex - Automation Developer - Named User” and a “UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot” licenses, how many On-Premise Orchestrators can I use ?
My assumption is each license is for creating only 1 On-Premise Orchestrators, so I can create 2 Orchestrators if I purchase 2 licenses: 1 “UiPath - Flex - Automation Developer - Named User” + 1 “UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot”


If we have flex license, we can use either of AutomationCloud Orchestartor, Automation Suite Orchestrator, On-premise Orchestrator ( or as standalone).

Please note that AutomationSuite requires very large resource rathher than single om-premise orchestrator as the following document.


We can use 2 Orchestrators maximum if use the licenses separately.



Your understanding is correct…

Please verify here…but yes you need enought hardware to support


Hi @Yoichi @Anil_G
I saw that hardware requirements for Automation Suite is huge, even if I only use Oschestrator. In this report, I saw that I need at least 32GB server and 1.5 TB SSD disk to install Oschestrator in on-premise server.
Is it too expensive ? Should I use Automation Suite Orchestrator or On-premise Orchestrator ( or as standalone) ? Which is different between them ?

The above is for automation suite. if you need to save cost for infrastructure, it’s better to use not AutomationSuite but standalone on-premise orchestrator.


Dear @Yoichi
Thank you for your fast response. I know that I can replace AutomationSuite by standalone on-premise orchestrator, but which is different between them ? If I use standalone on-premise, so it means I can not use other services (TaskCapture, Process Mining, AI Center, …) ??


If you have stand alone with out automation suite…then normal capabilities will
Be available…

And if internet is enabled you can connect to cloud for ai suite…or mining capabilities…

If internet is not an option then you way is to go with automation suite…which as you said required a huge setup…

So if the data is sensitive and the usage is more and you have enough infra capabilities then go with automation suite

If internet is an option then better go with on prem and cloud combination which works good with atleast the bot and queue data being available only on on prem database and orchestrator

Else the best option as of now is to go with cloud suite…which is secure enough…and IT should not have any issues with cloud as well as the architecture has enough deatils to support the security

Hope this helps


AutomationSuite is container based solution. We can use any UiPath services if we have proper license for them.
If we use Standalone onpremise orchestrator, we cannot use ProcessMining, AI Center etc as on-premise.
(Task Capture is software for local PC and we can use it if have license such as Attended, AutomationDeveloper etc.)


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