UiPath Assistant fully offline


I have a machine that has no internet connection.
I want put an offline UiPath assistant on it.

On the orchestrator cloud, I created a standard machine.
On the offline machine, I installed UiPath Assistant => attended Robot => added Orchestrator URL, Client ID, Client Secret. And the installation ended stating that I don’t have internet on that machine… (Connecting Robot to Orchestrator failed.)

When I run a program, it say that i need a licence. (A local license is required.)

Anything I did wrong or can I just not do it ?

ok, so far I’m finding out that what I want to do is refered as “standalone” and that this would be a way to go:
Robot - Descriptions de la commande LicenseTool (uipath.com)


UiPath has removed this feature in the latest releases…you need a standalone orchestrator if you dont have internet so that the license can be acquired

This was done to ensure licenses are not being misused


thx for the info

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