Can Unattended license run in Edge's IE mode? (This is because the selector is unable to click)


Wanted to ask whether the unattended license can run in Edge’s IE mode or not?

This is because it facing error when I wanted to select the selector in IE mode, and it’s ok in pages without IE mode.


Hi @poppadom

Please have a look on the Pre-requisite,

What is Internet Explorer mode? | Microsoft Docs

Extension for Microsoft Edge (



It is able to run in another server with same version of studio, edge’s extension, IE and group policy.

However, in one of the server, I don’t know what’s the reason it fail to select the selector. The only different things in these two server is the license. Thus, I suspect that it’s maybe is due to license problem. However, I also do not know whether the suspect is true or not.

Can you Re-Install the Extension and try agian.

@poppadom Can you share what is the error selector it was giving


I ald tried to Re-install the extension few times and restart the server one time.

However, it’s still fail to select the selector in IE mode.

Thank you.

The selector select the whole diagram when I pick at any ui element.

Then, when I use the select region when using the selector, it shows that the browser is not supported.

This only happen in IE mode.

When I click the selector in non IE pages, it work fine.

And the funny things is another server using the same version of IE, uipath and group policy is work fine in IE mode.

@poppadom Did you check the browser version in both the servers ?

The browser version is also the same one…

@poppadom Can you check the Ui Automation activities package for both the projects

The version of UiAutomation.Activities is 21.10.5

@poppadom Can you try this

  • Restart the robot service. For this open run command
  • Type services.msc
  • Search for UiPath Robot
  • Right click and restart the service
  • Restart the server for the changes to effect


Hi! @poppadom,

It’s depend on the browser type you choose. If you choose chrome and made automation in the edge it won’t work. because the browser is not same. and the selectors may vary.

Choose the edge browser and make the automation in edge. this will work in attended or unattended mode.


I restart the UiPath robot ald, but it still unavailable T.T

That’s not my problem, my problem is regarding the selector when want to indicate element on IE page


Could you please reinstall the Edge extension. and restart the machine


Just tried it really cannot…


I today just playing with the setting.

And I realize that the selector is able to click after the enble 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protection Mode is turn ON. (in Internet Option)
PS: In my another server which share the same group policy, the option is turn off and it is able to click the Ui Element in IE mode pages.

Anyone know why this happened?


Since this question is not related to the title, then I close this topic and ask in another new forum la.

But the ways, thanks to those who provide their ideas.

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