Clicking on Pop up after executing Macro

I am executing macro using execute macro because unable to click on buttons for that macro on excel but after executing macro there is one pop up show on macro to click.
Uipath able to execute that macro using execute macro but not able to move ahead for clecking that po up for that i am using click activity with 5 sec, i am confused why uipath is not moving ahead after execute macro.

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@Nitesh may be you can edit the macro and comment or remove out the msgbox code from there.

ence you are using execute macro in that case UiPath provide the control to Excel for running that macro and once it complete UiPath get back the control. thats why it is not able to do anything so if you can just comment or remove that msgbox code from the macro script itself there will be no further issues.

Logic: Code is still on that line which is responsible for that msgBox, go to your macro script do a ctrl+F search “msgbox”, remove or comment that line.


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