Can run the app when its already open it


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@Soudios ,

It seems to be a Application Restriction. Can we manually have 2 Instances of the application.

In uipath, we have a parallel activity - An example of parallel activity is below


Hi @Soudios
You can run the app many times if you want using the uipath, But if the app the you are automating it has a validation or restriction to run just one instance.You just need to kill the process of the aplication and run it again.

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Before running the same application once again use a KILL PROCESS a along the loop and mention the ProcessName property with that application .exe Filename alone
To get your application Filename alone go to start-> view task manager there under process tab we can see the applicationname.exe where mention the application name alone in the ProcessName of KILL PROCESS activity so that first instance gets closed before the second instance getting opened

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kill process will close the app?

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Of course it would buddy
It’s more like how we kill the application in TASK MANAGER
Same is what performed when this KILL PROCESS activity is used

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