Kill or Close Programs Running in the Background

Hi, I have a little bit problem with killing or closing an excel file. I’m using Kill process to close “excel” and also “Close application” selecting the excel file I wanted to be closed. But then between the process I need to open the excel again with cmd and when I do it, cmd says “The process can not acces to the file because it’s been used by another process”

I’ve searched into tasks manager and I’ve found excel running in the background after I’ve closed it.

How can I really close the excel if both “Close Application” and “Kill process” doesn’t work for this case?

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Kill the excel by using kill activity and then before going to open the same excel give some delay and open it

Delay is not need it, The process Start the excel 2 minutes later. But is not working

please use the kill activity in the try catch then u will not get any error.please see the below attached file.

killprocee.xaml (9.6 KB)