Can robot read highlighted text?

I would like to ask can Uipath read highlighted row in excel ? if so how to do that please help me out.

@Aaron_Ko Use How to get active cell address from Excel - #4 by Haifisch Or can use Invoke VBA activity Application.ActiveCell property (Excel) | Microsoft Learn

i am not familiar with VBA activity, can i use get cell color in a for each loop to read through the excel sheet instead?

@Aaron_Ko yes !!

could you help me out with the get cell color activity? the activity is fixed cell how to make the activity available to read through the excel?
My workflow is base on the highlighted cell get the string and place it into another excel.

@Aaron_Ko Use Read Range/Column activity and loop over the Collection

using read range activity only allow me to read through the excel, don’t not know which string or cell are highlighted, as you mention with the add to collection activity is doable but the condition need to be color cell, unfortunately get cell color activity can not read through the excel . Is there any other way to do it without using VBA activity?