Can orchestrator call the service now api to create an incident for application exception or fault

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can we call the service now api in uipath orchestrator to create an incident directly when there is an fault or application exception

Hi @A581043

In short, yes. Please install the UiPath.Web activity package. It will provide you with a HTTP Request activity that can do just that :slight_smile:

So i need to install this package in uipath studio or orchestrator.

Could you please provide an brief on this context

Yes, in Studio.

Please see my post here with an example:

Could you provide clarification here.

What is here?

Will it automatically create ticket if i pass servicewow path as


It is this site, it generates a random URL for you and then allows you to send requests to it and view them, that’s it.

No. It’s just a receiving, testing site where you can compare outputs from different sources (i.e. from Postman and from Studio).

Hello Mahendra,
Yes, I think you can for starting with UiPath webhooks I recommend this movie:

and some scripting in ServiceNow you find here:

Cristian Negulescu

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