How to connect to service now in uipath

Hi i work in an organization i want to automate to create a ticket actually the process is we go to the our organization site in that we have a tab called central service if we click on that we will redirected to service now page there we have catalog to select under which category we want to log the ticket after clicking required one we will redirected to create incident the Url of that page where we create the ticket is

in this we create a ticket can any one help me how to do that @supermanPunch @Pablito @Latika10011740

Hi @bpt.teja1996

We have to use,

Launch browser - Organization URL
Click activity - central service

Then you will redirect to service now,
Catalog → Incident Tab (use element exists and click activities)

You can normal UI Automation.

by the way the url you have provided I am not able to access.