UiPath Orchestrator Webhooks create an Incident in ServiceNow

UiPath Orchestrator Webhooks create an Incident in ServiceNow.

0:00​ Preview of the process
0:23​ Intro
0:50​ Webhooks inside UiPath Orchestrator
1:28​ Create Scripted REST API in ServiceNow
3:07​ Define the webhook URL
3:30​ Test the webhook from Postman
4:24​ Put the webhook inside of UiPath Orchestrator
5:00​ Explain the script
6:40​ Run the full Process with parameters

Do you have a way to incorporate the webhook secret for security?

To be fair I don’t know.

UiPath’s documentation for it is blowing my mind. I’m not sure ServiceNow can do the things it is saying has to be done to match the secret.

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did you manage to validate the secret in ServiceNow?