Trigger process Automatically without using window task scheduler

Hi Team,

I just want to trigger my get outlook mail massage process when there is any new email received. Is anyone have idea how can i do this via uipath activities?


I guess its not possible.

We have to run the BOT continuously and it will keep on checking any new email received then it will perform that task.

Thanks for quick response… @lakshman i am not using Orchestrator as of now . That means i have to scheduled task via window scheduler right ?

or there is any there option available.


Yes. If you don’t have orchestrator then go with Task Scheduler. But I will suggest you to go with Orchestrator and with this we will get lot of benefits.

@lakshman - Thank you very much. Do you have any idea why i am not able to found robot service on local for community version ?


For community edition, you can’t find Robot service.

May I know what purpose you want this now ?

If UIPath robot icon is not showing in system tray and then go to start and search for UIPath Robot and run it. Then it will show in System Tray.

Thanks you, now i am able to schedule process by task scheduler.

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