Problems with Web activities - HttpClient

Hello there,

I need some help to solve this problem, i can´t start or debug any project with this problem, i do not know what to do for solve it, all the package are updated to last version and my version of studio is 2022.10.3 enterprise license.

Here some screenshots about the problem

I will appreciate your help.


Hi @Lloborey ,

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This looks like a Dependency issue, can you try to downgrade the version and retry again.


When working in Legacy on Level UiPath.System.Activities Version 20.4.X then

When it is about the UiPath HttpRequest Activities then bring the different Packages UiPath.System.Activities, UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities, UiPath.WebApi.Activities to a same version level set and make them matching by up/downgrading

For the case Microsoft.Net.HttpClient:
Make the HttpClient available by using the Manage Dependencies / Packages and add

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