Can not create unknown type

am I trying to open a project on a virtual machine and only now gives me this error? can you help me? thanks

Hello @pam

Are you trying to open a project in Studio in the virtual machine? Where was this project initially built? was it in the same virtual machine or in some other computer?

What’s the version of UiPath you have in the virtual machine?

yes but the same error exist even if I open the project in Studio.
The project was built on my compuer and the virtual machine is on my computer.
The version of UiPath is 19.10

Have a look at this post…

May be you are having a similar scenario… let know if it doesn’t help

Kindly remove the project.json file and try opening that file in your V.M. machine
I hope that would work either
Cheers @pam

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hi Fernando, thanks but I don’t have the folder Actiivties