Accessing an Orchestrator app from mobile, I receive a message about required Uipath Assistant

I am new in RPA; I’ve made an app using App from Orchestrator, I’ve linked it with a Studio process; from my laptop works very well, but if I want to test it from my mobile, I’ve receive this message (print-screen attached) about required Uipath Assistant. Even I want to go forward on “Get it Now”, and download the file, it stops. Could anyone help me on this subject? I am interested to do an app linked to a Studio process which could be used by users from their smartphones.
Thank you very much!

There seems to be a bigger topic about this: Uipath Assistant is needed to run Apps

Yes, I saw it before writing this topic, I’ve written on that topic, but I didn’t get an answer. It’s not clear for me how and if it works on mobile. If you can give me more details, I will appreciate!
Thank you!