Unattended machine stops working while turned off

Hi All

I am facing an issue with my unattended machine, When the bot runs as per schedule it not work & when the machine is login into the system it only works in that time.
As minimized or Logoff the bot stops & Failed.

Need Urgent Solution


Are you logoff the machine at the time BOT running or what ?

The process is totally unattended, But the problem is in the unattended machine.
As i logoff the unattended machine.
The Bot Stops.
It only runs when i machine is open & running in front of me.
which is an issue.


You can’t logoff machine in between BOT running.

Once you trigger BOT from Orchestrator then it will login to machine automatically and will perform all actions. Once process completed then it will logoff that machine.

I can understand the thing which you are telling,

But my concern is different.

I myself need to open the machine to run the bot , but as per scheduled work the bot needs to work himself on unattended machine.

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Are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio ?

And also have you provided credentials properly at the time of creating BOT in Orchestrator ? Could you please show me screenshot of it. So that we can check and help you.

Its enterprise,

The bot just fails. It only working when the desktop unattended machine is Sign in & open.
not on the background as scheduled


If you show any screenshots of the same then only I can help you.

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