Can I installed unattended robot on separate machine and UiPath Studio without Orchtrator


I have a license for UiPath Studio and an Unattended Robot not for the Orchestrator. I want to install UiPath Studio on Citrix. Since running the robot in Citrix environment has some issues -

(!) Robots can be installed in Citrix environments if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are licensed through Orchestrator and not locally;
  • The machine name does not change every time it is spawned.
    I want to run it on a separate machine. Is this doable? If yes I can I use the Robot from the UiPath Studio?


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We need Orchestrator to trigger Unattended BOTS and its manadatory.

@jsapkota Technically, you can’t make use of the bot license (attended / unattended) unless you have an orchestrator.
If you have a studio installed, you would obviously have a robot on the machine which is free of cost to have. It doesn’t mean you have a license for the robot.

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