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Hello there,
Can I run a process through orchestrator and running the process in a pc in which UiPath studio is not installed in the pc.
I mean how can I ,or what is the way to run a process through an orchestrator in a pc in which UiPath studio is not installed in it

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Hi @Hisham_Alshareef ,

You can run unattended bots provided you install the Robot.
The UiPath Studio need not be installed.

After you download the msi file and open it, it will present you with an option to install everything, or the UiPath Assistant, or just the robot.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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Hello Hisham,
if you talk about on prem orchestrator you can install your robot on orchestrator machine itself by studio installer you will find option to install only the robot or you will install it on another machine and then connect your robot with orchestrator machine and in all cases you can run your process from orchestrator or from uipath assistance.

i hope my answer is satisfied to you and if not feel free to ask again :slight_smile:

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