Can I install Orchestrator in Window 10 Enterprise edition?

Hi All,

In I see the requirements for installing Orchestrator are
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016

Is there any possibility to install Orchestrator in Windows 10 Enterprise edition. If yes can you please guide.

Hi Phanindra,

You can install in Windows 10 following the same steps. As it is stated in the User Guide, we recommend Windows Server for production(and scalability). Installing it in Win10 would be for personal use.

The installation steps are in the same user guide.

Hi all,

I am trying to install Orchestrator on Windows 10 Home for evaluation purpose. I am getting Web config related errors while opening Orchestrator, just after installation .

Could any one please confirm if they have done it successful on any windows 10 OS. Also please share the details of the environment requirements.


Hi @snikhare,

Are you able to install orchestrator on windows 10 home?
If so, can you provide the solution please?


error : uipath orchestrator requires iis core module version 3.1 or later to be installed. this can be installed by running the .net core hosting bundle.

installed .net core version 3.1 from this link but still getting error.

does any one know how to resolve this issue

Hi, make sure you download ‘Hosting Bundle’.
Run it from command line with parameter OPT_NO_RUNTIME=1

Good luck!!!

Hi Jakub,

Run from command line from download folder or any other method?

Hi Jithin,

Actually it does not matter how you run it. Using Windows gui also works. You should only focus on downloading the proper file.

Hi Jakub,

I’ve checked in win10 enterprise edition as well as win10 2002 R2 server also both of machine getting same installation message.

Could you please share proper download file link?.If I able to resolve this issue then major issue is resolved .


Jithin C


No problem:
Bundle link.
Good luck!!

.NET 5.0 is the recommended version.
Is this version supported by UiPath/Orchestrator or is .NET Core v3.1.x required? Both have a Hosting Bundle Installer.

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