Configuring Orchestrator (Trial Enterprise for 60 days ) on windows machine


We are using enterprise edition which comes with 60 days trial edition and license key for up to 10 users.

Few things are not cleared to us and would like to have suggestions on below.

1- Is it possible to install and configure Orchestrator within the 60 days trial enterprise version currently we have?
if yes,
2- Is it possible to setup Orchestrator on Windows 10 machine where UiPath Studio and robot is installed?
If no,
3- Is it necessary to have windows server to install and configure Orchestrator and run it on the separate machine?
4- I see the prerequisite on uipath orchestrator web page but there is not detailed installation and setup guide to configure with all its prerequisite.
5- How licensing will work with this tool? since we will be using it for automating one of our client processes
6- What differences are there in the license version and the enterprise 60 days trial version?


did you find out the answer for your questions? We are facing the same issue here. Thanks a ton!!

To Install Orchestrator either on server or windows machine you need to launch UiPathInstaller.msi on IIS, and need to give SQL server details in order to configure.

There is no difference between trial and licensed version as UiPath follows democratic.