Uipath orchestrator setup in windows 10

I try to install uipath orchestrator by using UipathPlatformInstaller.exe .

After Installation i am getting UIpath Logo in my internet explorer. Can any one help me how to install Uipath orches… in my windows 10. Step byStep Process need urgent.

suresh S

You can get that from the UiPath academy Orchestrator course video. I’m also guessing Orchestrator is online portal to access not an exe to install.

Hi @suresh_rajan

Which version of the orchestrator are you trying to install? If this is the community edition that you are trying to install, it will not work. For community edition you cannot have a installed version. For that please access their cloud platform and create your account there. It will give full access to orchestrator online.

This link will redirect you to the cloud platform.

The version that can be installed is only for the enterprise license.


I have enterprise licence key.I want to install orchestrator in my windows 10. Step by step procedure needed.

Hi @suresh_rajan

Please see our documentation here:

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