Using selector to find text

As seen from the image above, I am trying to extract out the text “Private IP Address”. Is it possible to use selector to extract it out, if possible how do I write it. Also, the usage of find element, element exists, find text position and text exists all do not work for me.


You can use Find Element activity and then modify the selector like this:

<webctrl tag='H3' parentclass='tool-result-div' />

The problem with the initial selector is the “parentid” attribute; remove it (it’s too specific) and add the “parentclass” attribute instead. A great way to see how you can modify the selector is to use UiExplorer (in the Design tab). Here are some links on how to use UiExplorer:

After you modify the selector you can copy it into the Selector property of the Find Element activity. Then you can use Get Attribute activity. Put the variable resulted from the Find Element activity in the Element property and put the string “aaname” in the Attribute property. This attribute contains the text you need and the activity will return this text.

Edit: You can also use the Get Text activity with the same selector to get the desired result. This way you don’t have to use the Get Attribute activity.

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