Get Text is fetching different UI elements

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get a registration numbers of 2 different companies and I’m using Get Text activity to do the same.

However, when I indicate the registration number of first company on the webpage, the registration number of second company is not being fetched and vice versa.

The selector of the first company is as below:

The selector of the second company is as below:

How can I get both the registration numbers using a single selector?



Change the idx value to 1 in Second selector and see whether it is indicating first registration number or not. If yes then you can increment idx value to fetch all registration numbers.

Can we access that website from my end ? If possible share the Url to us. We will check and get back to you.


In the second selector I could see the aaname attribute is missing
Pls include that to the selector with wildcard * symbol and give a try

If these still didn’t work give a try with Screen scrapping methods like using full text or native text

Cheers @HS_Manohar

Hi @HS_Manohar

Better way is try using c selector in Uipath

Css selector will helps to find the required data via the use of unique attribute.

If u can show the html structure of the part where u need to extract I can help u around that


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Hi @HS_Manohar ,

The registration number for second selector is not fetched due to idx you have used.

Try to use id or aaname attribute instead of idx.
You can also share screenshot here of uiexplorer for more visibility.